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Business Setup In Ajman Freezone

Situated on the western coast of UAE, Ajman is the smallest yet most developed Emirate in UAE. If you are someone wanting to do business set up in Dubai, UAE, then company formation in Ajman free zone is one of the best choices you can ever make. Ajman is one such business zone in Dubai, UAE which has had a tremendous development in the last few decades in terms of technology, infrastructure, start-up businesses, economic growth, etc. Business set up in Ajman free zone is considered one of the safest and cost-effective business choices on the globe for young and new entrepreneurs who want to set up business in the UAE.

Key advantages of Ajman business set up:

  1. Access to a strategic business location
  2. Seamless availability of raw material and other services
  3. Low cost of living
  4. Access to the latest technology
  5. Availability of best-in-class infrastructure
  6. Low or no cost of offices

Business professionals from across the globe usually consider setting up business in Dubai, UAE especially in the free zones like Ajman for these eye-catchy advantages. With Emirates First Business Service you can quickly avail yourself these advantages as soon as you start operating your business in Dubai, UAE.

Other business benefits of company formation in Ajman free zone:

Commercial Benefits

  • 100% exemption from goods and services custom duty
  • 100% exemption from corporate taxes
  • 100% exemption from personal income tax
  • 100% ownership of business and business properties for foreign investors
  • Low labor and manpower cost
  • Absolutely no red tape
  • 100% taking away of investment cost and profits for foreign investors

Personal and Professional Benefits

  • Affordable cost of living
  • Easy business set up and amendment procedures as required
  • Land leasing contracts for 20 years straight
  • Pre-built infrastructure for businesses of different types
  • Abundant availability of all necessary resources
  • Availability of energy supply at lower cost

Other benefits

  • 24-hour security to business infrastructure and properties
  • Good talent pool available
  • Easy access to loan procedures from government and private banks
  • Zero currency restrictions

Emirates First Business Service is a pioneer when it comes to business set up in Dubai, UAE. We have successfully set up businesses for foreign investors in various free zones including Ajman. Ajman, as we know is the best choice to make for it is the most cost-effective and highly developed business hub in Dubai, UAE. The team of Emirates First provides end-to-end support to the foreign investors from documentation required for the business set up to the actual handover of the legal documents of your OWN business. Get in touch with us today and get to know the additional benefits that are in store waiting for you

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