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Virtual Office Space In Dubai

As the name suggests, a virtual office is a virtual space that allows you to actually work from home or work remotely from any corner of the world without actually being stuck at your office. Having said that, the additional benefit of the virtual office is that, you will own a place and an office address of your work without actually paying the enormous rent cost. The virtual office space in Dubai also allows you to have all those facilities that you would probably need to run a business with an additional benefit of cost-saving. You can easily build your company’s presence at the heart of Dubai’s prime cities and carry out your business smoothly.

What do you get to have when you own a virtual/shared office in Dubai?

A notable business address

It is extremely essential to have a business address in Dubai in order to run business smoothly. A virtual office space enables you to carry your business and trading operations locally as well as beyond the national boundaries without any pain. The biggest advantage of owning a virtual office is that you can save all the rent cost, maintenance cost, and administration costs for a lifetime in spite of having all the benefits of a physical office. Isn’t that a win-win situation? It sure is!

An office phone number

You need an office phone number for your clients and service providers to reach out to you and vice versa. And with a virtual office, this feature of a local office phone number is given. You can share it on your social media platforms and customers anywhere across the globe and they can all reach out to you always. Additionally, you can also have a dedicated receptionist to attend to your important calls without getting engaged in it yourself.

Mail-box and fax services

Not only do you get a dedicated mailing address and access but you also get mail-forwarding and fax service. You can always manage your emails and messages virtually from anywhere in the world with no issues of technical support. A dedicated assistant or software support can help you make the process even easier.

Meeting rooms

You can demand meeting rooms at any moment and you shall be assigned the best one in no time! Virtual office spaces make meeting rooms, boardrooms, and conference rooms available for your business meetings whenever you need them.

WiFi access

Depending upon the plan you are selecting for a virtual office, you get a high-speed WiFi lounge access for a certain period of time as per your demand. The need of the hour for any business operation is the internet connection and your business cannot be an exception!

Advantages of Virtual office space in Dubai, UAE

Our experts at Emirates First Business Service say that, it's impossible to list down the countless advantages of virtual office space in Dubai, UAE. Yet, they have given a few key highlights for you:

01 Tremendous cost saving in terms of rent fees

02 No maintenance and administration cost

03 A more comfortable working experience (at the comfort of your home)

04 Elimination of the management staff

05 No need for relocation in case of any difficulties

06 Access to the physical workspace when needed

07 An office assistant to help you out at any point in time

08 On-demand availability of meeting rooms

09 A cost-effective way of running business activities

So, have you geared up to avail the benefits of setting up a virtual office in Dubai, UAE? You sure have! Scroll down to get in touch with the best virtual office space provider in Dubai, Emirates First Business Service, and get ready to set up a business in Dubai in just a few days!

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