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Company Formation

Offshore Company Formation In

Offshore company registration refers to setting up a business outside the owner or owners’ country of residence.

It is an option for those who wish to avoid the complicated business setup process and business regulations in their current domicile while taking advantage of the benefits of offshore business registration.

Benefits of offshore company registration in the UAE

When it comes to offshore company formation, UAE is a preferred destination. An offshore company in the UAE enjoys the following benefits.

Favourable tax treatment

An offshore company in the UAE is exempt from paying taxes on income, inheritance and sales. It is also exempt from corporate and personal taxes.

Easy access to international trading opportunities

The UAE is a thriving logistics and trading hub with state-of-the-art airports, ports and roads. The government also continues to invest in the UAE’s logistics infrastructure. Furthermore, its strategic location makes it a stellar base of operations for trading concerns focused on Asia, Africa and Europe.

Ease of offshore company setup

With the help of Emirates First, offshore company registration in UAE jurisdictions is a pretty straightforward process. Only one shareholder is required and, depending on the specific location of incorporation, one may not even have to travel to the UAE to complete the process.

100% Foreign Ownership

Offshore companies in the UAE may be 100% foreign-owned. One does not need local shareholders or directors.

Favourable business regulations

Offshore companies in the UAE are exempt from annual auditing. In some jurisdictions, offshore companies may even have limited rights to invest in the country’s real estate.

UAE offshore companies, moreover, are not required to make ownership and financial information public. This can help entities protect and preserve their assets, such as their intellectual property.

Finally, offshore companies registered in the UAE have no minimum capital requirements.

Access to corporate banking

UAE offshore companies can open a multi-currency UAE bank account, which they can use in their transactions to save on exchange rate fees.

No need for physical infrastructure

Offshore companies do not need to rent or buy offices in the UAE, and they do not need to hire staff. They must only have a registered business address in the UAE.

Prestigious business address

The UAE is known for its political and economic stability, and UAE offshore companies benefit from having a prestigious business address.

Offshore company registration in UAE is an ideal choice to enjoy the benefits of a secure economy, tax exemption, efficient banking and accounting system, privacy laws, and of course, the most encouraging commercial framework of the UAE.

Note that offshore companies cannot do business in the UAE, whether in the free zones or UAE mainland. They are registered in the UAE, but their business activities must be focused outside of the UA

Emirates First can answer any questions regarding the activities offshore companies are allowed to do in the UAE.

Emirates First offers assistance in UAE
offshore company formation
and related services.

Emirates First offers assistance in offshore company formation in the following UAE jurisdictions

Offshore Company formation in Dubai

Dubai is one of UAE’s most popular emirates and is a favoured destination

Offshore Company formation in RAK

Ras al Khaimah lies at the northern tip of the UAE, a little over an hour’s drive

Offshore Company formation in Ajman

Located past the emirate of Sharjah, Ajman is less than an hour away from Dubai

Offshore Company formation in Jebel Ali

Jebel Ali is a thriving port town in Dubai and home to the Jebel Ali Free Zone. Offshore company