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Professional License In Dubai, UAE

The professional license in Dubai is reserved for businesses and individuals specialising in providing certain professional services. Doctors, engineers, teachers, lawyers, accountants, artisans, performing artists, and any other professionals planning to offer their skills and services directly to customers in Dubai and the UAE need a professional license. Dubai also requires a professional license for companies that provide professional services.

The professional license UAE issues is limited only to specific, service-oriented activities. For instance, architects and architectural firms that provide architectural drawings and consultancy services must have a professional license — and to obtain a professional license in UAE and Dubai, one must have the necessary education, training and experience in his or her chosen profession.

A professional license is also popular among those who want to start IT companies or engage in media activities within Dubai.

Legal form of companies with a professional license

Typically, professional companies in Dubai are founded or established by professionals with the necessary UAE professional license. In this case, the company is a sole proprietorship professional company.

In some cases, however, a professional company can have multiple owners and is effectively a partnership among individual professionals, each with their respective professional licence in Dubai. Such professional business setups are known as civil companies.

When foreigners establish a professional sole proprietorship or civil company, they must have a local service agent.

Aside from sole proprietorships and civil companies, public shareholding companies, limited liability companies, branches of foreign companies, and branches of freezone companies may all engage in professional activities, too, although there may be specific professional activities they cannot do.

Applying for a Dubai professional license as an individual is a pretty straightforward process. However, the documentary requirements, including the primary source verification of credentials, can be tedious and confusing. Emirates First can help cut through the confusion and simplify the process.

Advantages of obtaining aprofessional license in UAE

Obtaining a professional license is the first step towards practising one’s profession in the UAE. The following are some of the advantages of applying for a UAE professional license.


No minimum capital requirement


Tax exemptions (corporate and personal)


Full repatriation of profits and capital allowed


No foreign currency exchange restrictions


Freedom to practise the profession inside and outside of the UAE


Opportunity to be granted the 10-year golden visa (applies to talented individuals and skilled professionals meeting specific requirements)

Steps involved in obtaining a Dubai professional license

These are the basic steps required to obtain a professional licence in Dubai.


Appointment of the local service agent, signing of the local service agency agreement, and attestation of the agreement by a notary


Preparation of the memorandum of association with the local service agent


The signing of the court agreement before the notary


Tenancy contract approval by the Municipality of Dubai


Submission of required documents to the Department of Economic Development


Payment of the professional license application fee and collection of payment voucher

The company formation specialists at Emirates First helps professionals get approved for a professional license in the UAE by taking care of all the required legal formalities and procedures.

Emirates First can take charge of your professional license application. If you have questions or need help, contact us at +971 50 347 2388

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