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Tap Into The Tourism Market In Dubai

As the fourth most popular destination in the world that draws over 16 million visitors annually, Dubai has firmly established itself as a powerhouse in the travel industry. Entrepreneurs entering this ever-growing field can streamline their tourism license in Dubai with help from the experts at Emirates First.

At Emirates First, we provide comprehensive assistance to businesses in the hospitality, travel and tourism industries by handling documentation and managing legal procedures during the license-acquisition process.


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Obtaining the appropriate type of tourism license for setting up a business in Dubai is essential. There are three types issued in Dubai, which include:

  •  Inbound Tourism License
  • Outbound Tourism License
  • Travel Agent/Agency License


More About The Types Of Travel And Tourism Licenses Dubai Offers


Inbound Tourism Licenses

These permit a company to organise trips for visitors coming into the Emirates, whether for leisure or business purposes such as conferences and exhibitions.


Outbound Tourism Licenses

These licenses are specific to companies that assist UAE residents during visits to other countries. Companies that hold an outbound tourism license may be operated from inside or outside of the UAE.


Travel Agent/Agency Licenses

This type of license allows an agency (or a single agent) to arrange plane travel outside of the UAE and assist with any required visas.


Documents Required For A Dubai Tourism License

The following documents are required to obtain a tourism license, though there may be additional legal requirements for foreign travel-related businesses setting up a company in Dubai.

  • An application form
  • Passport and visa copies
  • Attested professional accreditation and education certificates
  • A testimony of no prior criminal record from the company’s owner and manager
  • A No-Objection Certificate (NOC) from the Civil Aviation Authority
  • Attested documentation specifying the business office location

Emirates First understands that the hospitality, travel and tourism industries have rapidly changing variables and unanticipated needs during this time.  We handle all the specifics of obtaining a tourism license, so you have time to focus on your business.


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