Professional License in UAE

Any service oriented organization or a professional service provider in UAE would require a Professional License in UAE. This professional class may include the doctors, teachers, lawyers, engineers, craftsmen, etc. who will offer their service directly.

The Professional License in UAE is issued only for an individual or a company to establish a service oriented firm. The license is issued to officially authorize the investor to operate the activities.

Advantages of obtaining Professional license in Dubai

  • The professional license has a clever advantage to foreign investors regarding the ownership. Foreign investor can enjoy 100% ownership over the business and hence, it will be titled as sole proprietorship.
  • The issuance of professional license is based on the confirmation regarding the educational entitlement and applicant’s skill set.
  • Many supportive policies are offered by the government.
  • There are plenty of opportunities for growth for professionals who sets up business in UAE to serve the people with their specialized skill set.

Steps involved in obtaining Professional license in Dubai.

The basic steps involved in obtaining in Professional License in Dubai are as follows:

  • As the first step, a local service agreement has to be prepared by a legal translator for assigning a UAE national as the company’s service agent. The agreement form has to be attested by a notary.
  • Memorandum of Association with the local service agent has to be prepared.
  • The owners will be required to sign a Court Agreement before the notary.
  • The municipality will issue tenancy contract approval.
  • The documents to be submitted at Department of Economic Development are the attested forms, passport copy of the owner and No Objection Certificate (only if needed).
  • The license fee to be remitted and payment voucher to be collected.

The business setup consultants at Emirates First will assist the professional/investor in getting the Professional License in UAE by taking care of all the legal formalities and procedures. If you are looking for Professional business license in Dubai, contact us. We shall help you ease the tedious steps involved and get you started with establishing your business in Dubai.

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