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Commercial License in Dubai, UAE

The licenses in UAE are meant for all general trading and specialized trading organizations. Activities like Transporting, contracting, healthcare, trading, etc. will come under this category of business license in UAE. The commercial license in Dubai will be applicable for an LLC or an establishment.

The business setup consultants at Emirates First can assist the investors in the documentation of UAE Business licensing and help the entrepreneurs set up their business in UAE under the appropriate jurisdiction. The service will include getting the necessary approvals from the respective authorities of the UAE.

Advantages of obtaining trade commercial license in Dubai

The investors setting up Companies in Dubai has a lot of benefits in obtaining a Commercial license. Some of them are as below.

  • Exemption from taxes.
  • The company with a commercial license has the freedom to have its head office anywhere in Dubai.
  • Under the commercial license in Dubai, the company can deal with more than one product and the products can be from different categories.
  • Companies operating under commercial licenses in Dubai have simple procedures while taking employment visas for foreign manpower.
  • When compared with other business permits, the commercial license however is simple and quick to obtain in Dubai

Activities permitted under Dubai Commercial Licence.

As per Commercial law, the activities that can be operated under commercial license are the Sale of electronic products, Real estate services, Import and export activities, Construction materials sale, Supply of brokerage services, Auto vehicle rental business, Logistics companies, and Healthcare companies.

A company in Dubai that has obtained a Commercial license can enjoy the freedom to operate a maximum of 10 business activities.


Steps for registering and obtaining a Commercial Trade license in Dubai.

There are few steps to following order to obtain a UAE commercial license. They are as below.

  • Choose the business activity that falls under commercial trade.
  • Prepare the Memorandum and Article of Association of the company. This should necessarily specify the business activities to be operated.
  • The company should be registered with the Economic Development department in Dubai to obtain a VAT number.
  • For the company registration and issuance of the commercial license, the fee has to be paid.

With these steps, the company registration procedure will be fulfilled and the commercial license would be issued.

From the date of issuance, the Dubai trade license will have a validity of 1 year. However, it can be renewed easily. The renewed trade license will get a validity of 4 years. For the renewal of the Dubai trade license, the investor has to submit the original or the copy of the trade license, a copy of the lease contract of the office space, and approval from authorities. And for companies with foreign shareholders, details of the accommodation of employees need to be produced.

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