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Visa Services In UAE

Emirates-First offers diversified range of Visa Services in UAE that includes Visa application, Visa documentation and issuance support to both individuals as well as businesses in UAE, saving you time, effort and money. The experts in Emirates First will help in the documentation procedures and assist in getting the clearances from regulatory authorities or ministers, finally submitting the application to the respective authority for the processing.

If you are looking for Visa services in Dubai, the Visa consultants at E-first makes the task simple for the client right from the application to the issuance of the Visa. The professionals here provide a diligent and sincere service which has made the clients rely upon the company for Visa services in UAE.

Types of Visa services in Dubai, UAE

It is essential to understand each type of visa so that you can make the right choice as per your need. Below are the types of Visa services in Dubai.

Employment Visa

Employment Visa in UAE is mandatory for any foreign national looking for taking up a job in UAE. After the issuance of Entry Permit Visa, the Work Permit Visa will be issued. Work visa varies depending on the work nature and the employment period. Also, in order to obtain a Work Visa in UAE, the applicant needs to undergo a medical examination and that is mandatory.

Resident Visa

Resident Visa in UAE is mandatory to any foreign national moving to UAE. The resident Visa is issued for 3 years and on expiry, you may renew it. Resident Visa is needed to open bank account, for applying driving license, vehicle registration, etc.

Investor Visa

Investor Visa is meant for the foreign investors. The main focus of investment Visa in UAE is to promote foreign investments in UAE. Investment Visa is issued by the Ministry of UAE and the validity will be 3 years. A fixed minimum amount of deposit should be invested by the applicant of Investor Visa in UAE.

Multiple Entry Visa

One may apply for Multiple Entry Visa if he/she plans to stay longer or to visit multiple times to UAE. For Multiple Entry Visa, contact Emirates First and the visa service professionals will help you ease the process.

Urgent Visit Visa

If you are looking for an Urgent Visit visa, contact the professionals at E-first. From the application to the issuance, they will handle the whole steps.

Servant/maid Visa

Servant/Maid Visa in UAE is required when sponsoring a maid or a helper for domestic purpose in Dubai, UAE. Apart from the documentation, medical fitness of the maid is mandatory.

Renewing/Stamping related service

In renewing Visa and Stamping, Emirates First can assist you and make the steps involved less tedious to the client.

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