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Trade Licenses in Dubai, UAE

After setting up the company in Dubai, the next most important step is obtaining a Trade License. This designates the business to carry out activities all across UAE. It is the Department of Economic Development (DED) in Dubai, who issues the Trade license.

The trade license is also known as the General Trading License and the permit allowed in this can be used for the business activities like import and export of goods, out various types of commercial activities, such as the sale of goods and services in Dubai, companies registered in Dubai Free Zones, professionals serving within specific industry.

Types of Trade license in Dubai

Four main licenses are issued in Dubai and the investors can apply any of them as per the nature of the activity. They are listed as follows:

Professional License:

The professionals offering service with specific jobs require professional license to carry out their activities in Dubai.

Commercial or Trade License

For all types of trading work being carried out in Dubai, Commercial or Trade license is required.

Industrial License

Industrial license is required for either any manufacturing or industrial work.

General Trade License

The general trade license is required for exports, trades and imports.

Steps to get trade license in UAE

Getting a trade license in Dubai can be called as simple if followed the legal formatilities of the respective government authorities systematically. Some of the significant steps involved to get trade license in UAE are as follows:

Request for approval at the DED

Determine the category of activity as business/professional/commercial or industry.

Preparation of business legal status in UAE.

Get the necessary approvals from the respective government authorities.

Fix a name for the company

Business premises should be leased and the correct consent from the authority needs to be obtained.

Finally, collect the required documents like memorandum of association

The company registration consultants at Emirates First in Dubai can offer you the best assistance in applying for a trade license that best suits the nature of your activities.

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