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Do you want to start a Business in Dubai?

Setting up a business in Dubai can be worthwhile for businesses who are comfortable to establish and function within Emirati jurisdiction and that which belongs to the commercialized regions geographically.

To set up a business in Dubai mainland, a Dubai Mainland license is required that is issued by Dubai Economic Department ( DED Dubai ) and the company should be registered under it. Even though any business establishment under the Dubai Mainland zone can enjoy much freedom, it also does have some regulations amended by the government.

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Freezone in Dubai is jurisdiction or an area where a set of predefined trading activities are allowed that is favorable to the company formation in Dubai.

It is based on the nature of the business setup, you would need to apply and get a Freezone license in Dubai. Efirst can help you choose this wisely with its free consultation and can help you set up your business in Freezone Dubai, UAE.

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Company formation in Offshore Dubai is ideal for those business establishments that require to function outside the location that it has been registered with. This option is of course a good one for entrepreneurs as they would enjoy the freedom to function beyond the geographical restrictions.

The entrepreneurs opting for a Business setup Offshore can have 100% ownership of their assets and operate their business in a better and profitable manner. Efirst can help you with the Offshore company license and the other legal procedures required for Offshore Company formation in the UAE.

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Certified business setup consultants

Dubai has been a hub for major businesses. But with the astonishing and continuous change in the UAE's work environment. The young generation is leaning towards the freelancing revolution in the UAE. A major part of the credit should be given to the digitalization industry. And of course, the credit goes to the government as well who initiated the freelance visa in Dubai easy to access.

According to the statistics, more than one-fourth of the population is indulged in freelance work in Dubai, UAE. Different free zones in the UAE offer the freelancing license.

Company formation

Dubai is known as one of the best corporate business hubs in the world, the government offers a supportive and structured environment for any foreign investor to setup a business in Dubai. Company formation in Dubai has different parameters for different business types.

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Trade license

The most important document any investor should have to setup a business in Dubai is the Trade license. There are four types of trade licenses according to the nature of the business, an investor is engaged in. It mainly depends on the activity and the location of the business, the investor can decide the type of license. 

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Visa services

Efirst can assist any foreigner in visa application and processing by deeply reviewing your personal as well as company documents. The experts in the company will help in the documentation procedures and assist in getting the clearances from regulatory authorities or ministers, finally submitting the application to...

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PRO Services

A new investor would not know the official procedures and steps involved in forming a new company in Dubai. Hence, the PRO service at Efirst provides professional document clearing services that include an application for a business license, trademark registration, passport clearance, and immigration process.

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Business Licenses in UAE

Any entrepreneur seeking for business setup requires a business license in UAE as per the legalities. A business license is categorized as a commercial, industrial, professional, and tourism license in UAE. Register a company as Mainland or Freezone. Efirst can assist you in arranging a license... 

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Attestation service

For most of the commercial and legal procedures in the UAE, specific documents issued by the government have to be submitted. In such cases, the originals may not be the need, but one has to submit the copies of them, duly attested. Hence, the professionals at Efirst can help in getting the attestation done by...

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Freezones in UAE

Like any other freezones, Dubai freezone offers the business owner the benefit of possessing 100% business ownership as well as enjoying tax exemptions. This will allow the business owner to enjoy the profits earned wholly and use it for business. But freezones in Dubai offer more than this in offering lease options, freedom to carry out more than one activity, relaxation in bank account rules, reasonable renewal fees, business confidentiality, etc.

If you are looking for company formation in Dubai freezone, get in touch with the professional consultants at Emirates first. You are sure to have all the tedious procedures involved, simplified, and get ready to move on with your business.

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Business Setup in Sharjah Freezone would be an ideal choice for those investors looking to expand their business or even for the startups. Types of Sharjah freezones include Sharjah Media City Freezone(Shams), Hamriya freezone authority(HFZA), and Sharjah Airport International freezone(SAIF).

Setting up a business in Sharjah Freezone can be assisted by the professional business consultants at Emirates First, helping the investor go through the procedures of setting up business in freezone easily.

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Ajman freezone is a place of immense industrial development in UAE as it is attractive to several companies by offering facilities and competitive privileges required for the business to flourish. These benefits out of investment privileges, several companies have prospered with good returns on their investments.

The business setup facilities include 100% ownership of the business, 100% foreign ownership, easy transfer of capital and profits, exemption from personal income tax and other taxes, competitive prices of facility usage, and many more.

If you are looking for a business setup in Ajman Freezone, get in touch with the consultants at Emirates first.

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Abu Dhabi freezone is an ideal choice for foreign investment as it allows offshore ownership and Tax exemptions. It also makes the general trade easier for companies and individuals. Some other good features of Abu Dhabi freezone are the easy transfer of capital and profits in full form, special consideration related to procedures, appointments, and investments in the region, and many more.

If you are looking for a business setup in Abu Dhabi freezone, get in touch with the business consultants at Emirates First.

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Fujairah Free Zone is located on the East Coast of UAE and it offers a triple advantage to the investors with its Accessibility, Connectivity, and Economy known as ACE.

Businesses setup in Fujairah free zone can enjoy the benefit of accessing easily all Arabian Gulf ports, Iran, India, Pakistan, and the Red Sea through weekly feeder vessels.

In a nutshell, company formation in Fujairah free zone has a lot of opportunities for startups, young entrepreneurs as well as established investors. The concerned authority offers promising potential with brilliant and flexible government policies along with a lot of other benefits.

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The main benefits of setting up a business in RAK freezone are 100% foreign ownership, easy and quick incorporation procedure, easy access to all large airports and seaports in UAE, clear regulatory legal framework, etc.

Types of licenses issued in Ras Al Khaimah freezone are commercial license, general trading license, Consultancy license, Industrial license, and Academic license.

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Frequently Asked Questions on UAE Company Formation

What does it take to set up a business in Dubai?

For a business setup in Dubai, a business license plays a vital role. There are three main types of business licenses namely: the mainland business license, the Free Zone business license, and the Offshore business license. To acquire any of these licenses, calls for a separate procedure.

In order to acquire a business license for a business set up one has to go through the following procedure:

  1. Approval from government authorities for the business set up initiation
  2. Verification of legal and identity documents
  3. Verification of the space business set up by the legal and commercial authorities
What are the documents required to start a company in Dubai?

Depending upon the area where the business is to be set up, there might be a slight variation in the documents that are required. However, mainly, the following is the list of documents that one must possess for a business setup in Dubai:

•    Application of business license form
•    Business plan and identity details of business
•    Memorandum of Association (MOA) and Articles of Association (AOA)
•    Reference letters from banks
•    Residence visa
•    No Objection Certificate (NOC)
Apart from this, depending upon the type of business the list of documents varies to some extent.

Can you help me with the visa requirements for business formation in UAE?

Depending on the type of business the following are the requirements:
•    A resident visa is mandatory so as to set up a company
•    Verification proof of the size of the company
•    Business set up documents and approvals
Also, it is necessary to note that a resident visa is not mandatory for an offshore establishment holder.

Why Invest in Dubai?

Dubai is a business hub for budding entrepreneurs and one of the most right places on the globe for setting up almost any business. Dubai not only is a home for worldwide investors but is also a platform to achieve outstanding business success. Apart from the high success rate that the land has to offer, there are several other benefits like better tax benefits, relaxed terms, and conditions on import and export activities, etc. The best-in-class infrastructure and top-notch lifestyle prove to be an added benefit.

What is a trade license in Dubai & which trade license is suitable for my business?

A trade license or trading license in Dubai is one of the most widely demanded licenses in Dubai. Dubai encourages trading activities across the globe and even provides tax exemptions to a certain extent. Therefore, a trade license is made mandatory for all individuals and companies that are involved in trading, commercial activities, import, export, and re-export activities

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